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Quiz Alchemy Course

The fastest way to grow your online business is understanding EXACTLY who your ideal client is and creating content that speaks to them on an individual level

That's why I created Quiz Alchemy to help heart-led business owners like you to take a personalised consent-driven approach to your marketing that will allow you to deeply understand your soul aligned client so you can serve them with highly valuable content and offers that they need.

And when you implement Quiz Alchemy here’s what happens in your business…

  • Your inner circle grows with the “right” people aligned to your unique value proposition

  • You become known for your in-depth expertise on your chosen subject matter

  • Your income grows because your list are your hottest leads for your paid services or products

  • Ashton's quiz changed her business

    Ashton's well-targeted and well-designed quiz with paid ads has led to significant list growth and shows how they are an ideal opt-in for lead generation and conversion to paid offers

    How this is likely to work

  • 5 Step Tutorials that guide you through all the important aspects of Quiz Alchemy. They will be drip fed each week, so you stay focused on taking action to get your Quiz done without the overwhelm

  • Comprehensive Workbook for step-by-step implementation with everything in one place so you can stay on track and be able to repeat these steps again easily

  • Group Q&A Calls to get your quiz related questions answered live on Zoom by Bev Roberts, a business, list growth and tech mentor

  • Tech Tutorials Library for the setup of recommended autoresponders, landing pages and email sequences so you can get your back end systems sorted

  • Quiz Alchemy Process with Bev Roberts Wholistic Business Mentor

    Is it time to stop running all over the internet chasing after soul aligned people for your paid services?

    Yes start growing and nurturing your inner circle!

    Register your interest NOW and be the first to know when the Quiz Alchemy Course is open plus receive special advanced offers and a BONUS Quiz Design Workshop (valued at AU$250 | US$166) for waitlist VIPs only

    Note: The indicative entry level investment will likely be AU$495 | US$326

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is automated list growth?

    Automated list growth means that from end to end all the touchpoints for your online Quiz are done with software so it runs without you.

    When will the calls be held?

    I run my calls in the morning and evening in Australia to cater for multiple time zones

    How long does the course run for?

    You can complete this course in 6 - 8 weeks or you can do it at your own pace

    I don't believe so as we're working on a particular mission or project together and I'm envisaging there will be pre-recorded material for the tech pieces, visual flows and checklists to download etc The live Idea Generation and Q&A sessions will include hot seat coaching and some fun ways to create connection and build rapport. Plus for accountability and to support the more introverted among us, I plan to use breakout rooms so you feel seen and heard by a smaller group.