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Bev Roberts Wholistic Business Mentor

Done for You Freebie
Opt-in Funnels

Free up your time and headspace to grow your list AND your business

Have you been in business a while, but your marketing is not growing your audience or delivering the results you want?

  • You may be feeling frustrated with implementing the technology required to setup your lead magnet or freebie and it's stopping you from moving forward in your business

  • You simply don’t have the time to focus on setting up your webinar or masterclass. With so many competing priorities you want to get this off your to do list so you can get on with marketing it

  • You know you're the goddess of new ideas yet you find that you’re not implementing any of them. You need someone who can get your opt-in done easily and quickly

  • You have been constantly launching yet your results are not improving and you know it's because you aren't investing time in growing your list between launches

  • Here's the thing...

    As a holistic business mentor who has worked with hundreds of clients I see that they often have so much in place... and it's likely you do too...

  • Your Branding is done

  • You know your Niche

  • Your Messaging is sorted

  • Your Website is built (or not)

  • But there's one thing you are missing and it's stopping your business from growing or scaling...  

    Opt-In Funnels

    What an Opt-In Funnel delivers for your business

  • You stop getting stuck in the tech so your energy is spent creating opportunities for growth

  • You grow your list on autopilot which leads to more people to nurture with less effort

  • You free up your time to focus on income generating activities and delivering value to your clients

  • You implement some of your brilliant ideas so that you share your gifts with people hungry to receive

  • You begin your next launch knowing that your list has grown so you have more people interested in your work

  • Why an Opt-In Funnel is essential for your business

    An Opt-In Funnel consists of your Freebie or Lead Magnet followed by a series of emails that nurtures a relationship.

    Because of this you get more of your soul aligned clients to join your inner circle and create connection and trust with them quickly.

    While the word Funnel may sound ick, it's a term widely used to describe a marketing process that shifts your "right" people from your coldest audience to your hottest audience.

    In essence, you use consent-driven heart-based methods to welcome the people who are most interested in learning from you, and through nurturing, are more likely to buy from you.

    Done for you Services with Bev Roberts and Shelley McConaghy

    Opt-In Funnels accelerate your business growth

    I know how Opt-In Funnels can be a game changer for your business and that's why I've partnered with Shelley McConaghy to create these Done for you Services.

    In case we've not met before, I'm Bev Roberts. I have a wealth of experience in business strategy and consent-driven heart-based email marketing.

    Shelley McConaghy is a tech whiz with intuitive genius, and with our combined superpowers we deliver these Done for You Opt-In Funnels.

    Why you can't ignore Opt-In Funnels in your business

  • It's taking you out of your zone of genius

    If you spend a week (maybe even months) struggling to set up tech for your Opt-In Funnel, you can't focus on income generating activities, and you risk missing the opportunity for growth, whether that's your list or your business.

  • It's slowing down your conversions

    Rather than trying to piece meal sell your package or program, have your Opt-In Funnel automated and get a return on your time faster by attracting your ideal clients to your community now.

  • It's stifling your income growth

    Here's the thing: when you focus on automated Opt-in Funnels that work, you will recoup your investment quickly because of your focus on income generating activities that lead to you selling more.

  • If you know you've got to stop tearing your hair out with the marketing, tech or tedious tasks that don't light you up, so you can focus on your passion and serving your clients - then we can help.

    You didn’t start your online business to become a marketing and tech whizz! Let us get the foundational marketing and tech pieces done for you, to give you more time and headspace for growing your list AND business.

    To learn more, review the Service you're interested in below then send us your obligation free Service Request and we will connect with you to discuss your needs in more detail.

    Setup a Lead Magnet or Freebie Opt-in Funnel

    Your Freebie Opt-In Funnel is the journey you take your ideal audience on, so let’s streamline and automate it to attract people even while you sleep.

    From your final copy and images we deliver one complete Freebie Opt-in Funnel with a landing and thank you page linked to a subscriber form that triggers an automated email sequence. For peace of mind we do a walkthrough and handover on completion.

    Setup a Webinar or Masterclass Opt-In Funnel

    A Webinar or Masterclass has lots of moving parts that all need to be planned for in advance and automated so that you can show up on the day and teach like the expert you are.

    From your final copy and images we deliver one complete Webinar Opt-In Funnel with a landing and thank you page linked to a subscriber form that triggers an automated email sequence. So you know how this all works, we do a walkthrough and handover on completion.

    Setup a Mega Blog Opt-In Funnel

    A Mega Blog is an enduring asset that grows your soul aligned audience so you can showcase your expertise, create goodwill and value that ultimately leads to more sales.

    From your final copy and images we deliver your searchable Mega Blog complete with two Freebie Opt-In Funnels each with a landing and thank you page linked to a subscriber form that triggers an automated email sequence. For peace of mind we do a walkthrough and handover.

    Setup an Online Quiz with up to 4 Opt-in Funnels

    An Online Quiz simplifies and speeds up getting to know your ideal audience and how you can best serve them. With a well crafted and well designed quiz you will be more specific with your message, create a stronger connection and make it more likely to convert to the best paid offer.

    From your final copy and images, we deliver your Online Quiz complete with a Quiz Landing Page, up to four Opt-In Funnels each with a results landing and thank you page linked to a subscriber form that triggers an automated email sequence. So you know how this all works together, we do a walkthrough and handover.

    Ready Set Go

    If you're frustrated with implementing the technology and you're spinning your wheels trying to grow your list.

    If you're done with wasting time and want the support to get your Opt-In Funnel done.

    If you don't want to keep having to work harder to get clients than you need to.

    Reach out to us and let's talk about setting up your Opt-In Funnels so you can grow your list consistently AND scale your business faster.

    We have had so many requests for this type of service, so if you’re thinking “Wow shut up and take my money!” we’re ready to be of service to you.

    If you’re ready to go ahead right now, complete our Done for You Services Request so you get to the top of our project queue faster or message us and we are happy to answer your questions. 

    Setup for an Opt-in Funnel starts at AU$ 1245 depending on the level of support you need.

    We can’t wait to receive your obligation free Service Request.

    Make online business easy when you get your consent-driven heart-led marketing and tech sorted.